Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region Date Street Infrastructure Project

Work features included the removal of various existing onsite materials, installation of primary and secondary sewage systems, potable and non-potable water, curbs-gutters, main parking and road systems on a 17-acre site. New site will include a fish laboratory, maintenance facility, boat maintenance and storage and soils laboratory, as well as a future 50,00 square foot engineering services facility for the entire Lower Colorado Region. 


Prime Contractor for Bureau of Reclamation


Project magnitude: $1.6 million

City of Marysville Sewer Project
Rehabing sludge ponds and installation of drainage pipe.
Prime Conctractor for City of Marysville
​Project magnitude: $327,000

New Waste Water Lift Station - Pomo C Recreation Area Coyote Valley Dam Lake Mendocino Project

Furnish labor and equipment for installation of main lift station with (2) each, 40-horsepower Chopper Pumps, 480-VAC power supply and pertinent controls. Trenching 200 LF for installation of power and water supply, 250 LF for main lift station, tie-ins at existing manhole, 1700 LF (1) 8" HDPE pressurized effluent pipe from main lift station to existing wastewater treatment plant. Place (2) submerisble pumps in existing manhole with 4" HDPE (325 LF) to main lift station.


Prime Contractor for USACE SF Disctrict 


Project Magnitude: $625,273

Coyote Valley Dam Upstream Lower Face Stabilization - Lake Mendocino, CA

Stabilization of the lower face on the upstream side of Coyote Valley Dam. Slope preparation, construction of haul road and staging areas, and placement of large quarry stone.


Prime Contractor for USACE SF District


Project magnitude: $3.6 million

Erosion Control Projects, American, Sacramento and Feather Rivers, Sacramento Valley Area, CA

Placing of quarry stone on the upper slopes of several erosion sites along the banks of the Sacramento & Feather Rivers. Installation of in-stream wood, fascines, and erosion control seeding. Two sites required base work be installed from the waterside. 

Prime Contractor for USACE - Sacramento District


Project magnitude: $4,822,485

Well 34 Transmission Main, Olivehurst, CA

Mobilization and preparation work, placement of approximately 600' of 16" potable water line. 


Prime Contractor for Olivehurst Public Utility District 


Project magnitude: $130,765

Elk Grove Special Collection Center Project, Elk Grove, CA

Furnish labor and equipment to place approximately 65 LF 1" gas service via HDD & place approximately 85 LF can clay.


Subcontractor for Freddi's Graving & Paving 


Project magnitude: $12,600

Sierra Central Offsite Improvement Project, Yuba City, CA

Storm Drain Installation and DI Junction Boxes


Installation of 16" Water Line Transmission 


Subcontractor for DeWitt Bros. & Co., Inc. 


Project magnitude: $316,682

Farrell Way Site Improvement, Linda, CA

Provide and place (2) 16"x 16"x 2" drain inlet with grate, provide and place (1) 12"x 12" yard drain inlet with grate, provide and place (1) go yype drain inlet with grate, place approximately 70 LF of 12" perforated HDPE with filter fabric, place approximately 60 LF of rolled curb & gutter, place approximately 240 LF of 4" sidewalk, place approximately 360 LF HMA & (6) compaction testing.


Prime Contractor for Yuba County 


Project magnitude: $25,130

Clark Road Directional Bore at UPRR Crossing Project - Live Oak, CA

Directional bore approximately 1700' and place (2) 1.25" HDPE.


Subcontractor for Level (3) Communications 


Project magnitude: $35,050



Hamilton City Flood Damage Reduction & Ecosystem Restoration Project - Glenn County, CA

Project includes replacing the existing century old substandard J levee with a newly constructed 6.8 mile set-back levee to provide a more reliable form of flood protection for residents and agricultural lands along the Sacramento River.  


This also includes actively restoring 1,145 acres of riparian woodland and 261 acres of riparian shrub to its natural habitat, including reconnecting and restoring a 70-acre floodplain meadow currently cut off by the J levee.


Prime Contractor for USACE Sacramento District 


Project magnitude: $6,242,380

Photo Courtesy of Reclamation District 2140
SMUD Underground Cable Replacement Project - Sacramento County, CA

Project spanning over 3 years consisting of:

Rocksaw excavation in either concrete or asphalt pavement.

Installation of primary cable, or PVC conduit.

Backfill, compaction, and repaving.

Tunnel bores and notches.

Excavation of splice pits and installation of sidewalk boxes.

Grinding asphalt.

Trench excavation (backhoe).

Resurfacing by slurry seal and chip seal methods.

Boring horizontal holes in various types of earth formations, including sand, rock, clay, hardpan, loam, etc.

Subcontractor for Sierra National Construction

Project magnitude: $10,090,000